Chambres et table d'Hôte


11190 Bugarach/France

Tél. +33 (0)4 68 69 82 12
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Welcome to ‘le Presbytère’ in Bugarach!

At the foot of the iconic Bugarach mountain in the heart
of Cathar country is our Chambres et table d’Hôte ‘le Presbytère’.
Situated in territory famous for its breathtakingly wild
landscapes and remarkable historic sites it’s a perfect
spot for a stop-over. The many sights to be seen in the vicinity,
the variety of walking and cycling options, or quite simply the
peace and quiet make our place an ideal point of departure for you.
Be a guest at our table five evenings every week where we
serve you delicious 4 course meals prepared with local produce,
much love, and the freshest of fruits, herbs and vegetables
from our potager.


Hope to see you soon in Bugarach!

Rommie & Sander


Rommie, Sander and the dogs