Bugarach mountain

Our Chambre d’hôte is situated at the foot of the ‘Pic de Bugarach’ which, at a height of 1230 meters above sea level, is the highest point in the Corbières. The Pic is often called the ‘upside down’ mountain because of its unusual geological formation. The top layer of the mountain is an overthrust of the Iberian Plate and is millions of years older than the layers of rock at the base of the mountain.

Its distinctive and imposing shape towering above all else makes the Pic an irresistible destination for hikers and for those of you keen on walking, well-marked routes to the summit cater for different levels of fitness. On the way up as well as at the top you will be rewarded with magnificent views of the Pyrenees to the south and west, the Mediterranean coast to the east and the La montagne Noire to the north.

After a climb up there on a hot day, cool off at the bottom of the Pic with plunge in the lake!