Local produce

Our first choice is always to use produce that is as local as possible which means fruit and vegetables either from our own garden or that of our neighbours!

Les Gascous is a goat farm on the outskirts of the village where a variety of goats milk cheeses are available. Their Pélardon cheese which is one of the most well known goat varieties in France has an AOC label. Les Gascous also provides us with our pork, and we buy Gascgone beef and veal from a farmer just up the road from us.

Lamb cuts and sheeps milk cheeses are purchased in two of the neighbouring villages. Our daily bread is sourced both in the village and further afield. Whatever else we can find that is ripe for the picking and ready for the eating ends up on our menu so don’t dally and be the last one to dinner when our neighbour’s figs and cherries are sweet! mmmmmm….. À table!

The Sunday morning market in the nearby town of Esperaza is a showcase of local produce, crafts and colourful characters!